Peggle 2 hearkens back to the musicality of classic cartoons.  Music and sound drip from every bit, and the audio does more than amplifying the joy of victory. Each of the five playable characters, called the “Peggle Masters,” has their own suite of sounds effects and musical motifs that flesh out their personality and orchestrate the mood swings of every match.

- AV Club

In Peggle 2 every sound you hear is perfectly tuned, in harmony with every other sound, every musical phrase, everything you do. It is, in essence, a symphony. And it is all created in real time, adjusting on the fly to your every action, automatically, by the (audio) engine.

- Polygon Feature: Making the Secret Symphony of Peggle 2

The beautiful orchestral soundtrack compliments the game perfectly, and is easily PopCap's best work by far.

- Destructoid



TRON 2.0

The music effectively reworks some of the themes from Wendy Carlos' original movie score in a nice homage.

- Gamespot

SHOGO Mobile Armor Division

Meanwhile, Shogo's soundtrack is subtle and effective and changes dynamically along with the onscreen action.

- Gamespot


The soundtrack of the game also greatly contributes to the atmosphere. Some of the tracks create a sense of urgency, while others are downright disturbing and make you want to get away from the building as fast as possible.

- Adventure Lantern


The package also includes a music CD of the various nursery rhymes which are quite catchy. In the up-beat rhythms you will recognize every kind of popular music imaginable from Reggae to Blues to Country and Western. You might even find yourself bopping along with the kids.

- Metzo Magic